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- Bathroom distributor - luxury bathrooms - designer bathrooms

Since 1955, Flaminia have combined innovative functionality with unique aesthetics to create stunning bathroom ceramics.


The company’s dedication to distinctive style has led to an impressive portfolio of design collaborations, where prominent artists from around the world have created their own interpretation of ceramics and bathroom design.


Flaminia recognised early on that people enjoy the freedom to create a home that reflects their personality. As a result, they developed their eclectic range – from minimal to organic and rational to artistic – that allows for ultimate self-expression in the bathroom.


All stages of product development – from prototype construction to the finishing stage – are carried out in-house, allowing Flaminia to ensure quality standards typical of its Italian origins.

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One of the main features of App is the very fine thicknesses that convey an impression of lightness in a collection of countertop washbasins. The App is available in two shapes – one oval and one perfectly round. These minimal signs make the App washbasin collection versatile and suitable for bathrooms in both homes and hotels.



Flaminia’s furniture range has been enriched with two lines of furnishings: wall cabinets, columns and wall-hung and freestanding vanity units. The Denver basin unit with drawers; Filo stainless steel base structures and shelves.


Link is a revolutionary model. Toilets and bidets have previously been limited to sets that rarely match; the Link pieces, on the contrary, are independently created. The pure and neutral line easily blends into all contemporary surroundings. The Link collection offers an innovative but functional element for the bathroom, designed with the same logic that has made Link an international success.



Efi is a range of sanitary ware that recalls the elegant and refined lines of the old English production. A classic Flaminia, an ideal solution for warm and traditional bathrooms, unexpectedly versatile and dynamic: revised and combined with modern materials and decorative elements. A pleasant solution for a contemporary style, halfway between minimal and new baroque.



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