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Founded in 1998 as a Czech family-run business, Alca now exports to more than 40 countries and has positioned itself as the largest manufacturer of installation frames in Central and Eastern Europe.


Built on a passion for continuous innovation, and delivering top quality, yet simple solutions, Alca’s primary aim is to make the lives of their customers easier. On this basis, they have developed frame solutions for every imaginable scenario, including systems with forced air ventilation, cisterns that conserve water, options for people with reduced mobility, and much more.


Additionally, each of their beautiful flush plates are compatible with every frame in their comprehensive range, and have been developed for a tool-free installation. Their careful consideration for detail, paired with the premium quality of their product, has made Alca a multi-award winning company, continually recognised for their marketing leading developments.”

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Flush Plates

The Alca range of flush plates offer a variety of features including, matt & gloss colours, metallics, PVD, anti-fingerprint and sensor.

New flush plates from Alca include the metal flat MOON and TURN.

Moon Gold Brushed with M672 matt chrome thin.png

Shower Drains

Alca's shower drains offer a range of features beneficial to both the fitter, and the consumer. With a high flow rate of water (up to 68 litres/min), a cleanable odour trap and a sloping inner gradient, are just a few of the benefits of these innovative shower drains.

Fit & Go 3_edited.png

WC Systems

2022, the year of even better WC systems.  Including new inlet valves, free WC tablet dispenser, new cistern hanging clips. easy lock for wall mounting and an innovation of angle valve casing. 



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