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Bette began manufacturing in 1952 and are now known for bringing quality, innovation and flexibility to bathroom design. Their award winning titanium-steel baths, shower floors and washbasins are made using only natural and high-grade materials - titanium steel, glass and water - to create bathroom products of the highest quality.


Their award-winning products are finished in the company’s BetteGlaze enamel, which is permanently brilliant, highly durable and easy to clean. The outstanding qualities of this glass-like surface, together with Bette’s design and technical expertise, mean that Bette are selected to provide bathrooms for some of the best hotels and homes around the world. It also means that Bette products are available in an extensive choice of colours and sizes.


Bette works with leading designers to push the boundaries of what is possible. Innovations include slim-rimmed and ergonomically shaped baths in freestanding, fitted and semi-recessed styles.

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Bette Shower Trays

Bette’s huge range of shower trays in a wide range of colours makes it easy to find one that’s perfect. From small sizes, through to large formats including 1500 x 1500, 1800 x 1000 and 2000 x 900, there are floor level and above floor options to suit any bathroom. Bette shower trays are made from titanium steel and finished with their special BetteGlaze®, meaning they are

not only made of natural materials but the surface of the shower tray is also extremely resilient and can easily hold its own against scratches, high heat, UV rays and chemicals.

03_BetteAir- transparent.png

Bette Anti-Slip Sense*

BetteAnti-Slip Sense is our latest evolution in slip resistance. Hidden in micro particles, the friction effect is only activated on contact with water. When dry, you will not notice any difference in the look or feel of the bath or shower.

  •  Almost invisible surface treatment

  •  Clean, aesthetic surface

  •  Can be combined with White (000)

  •  For showers (shower trays, shower areas, shower tiles) and baths

  •  Not available with BetteGlazeR Plus

  •  A waste cover with the BetteAnti-Slip Sense surface can be ordered for the shower waste


The new BetteAir is the world’s first shower tile. Sounds revolutionary? It is – because the BetteAir is design and progress in a nutshell. It is pared down to the essential and provides space for visions; it can be integrated in any architectural design or staged as a spectacular eye-catcher. The pore-free finish ensures absolute hygiene in the bathroom. The modern drainage system combines pure form with innovative technology. The refined edge ensures more efficient handling in floor-level installations directly on screed. So BetteAir truly is a development. It is flatter, and is even quicker and easier to fit. Exquisite material and smooth comfort: conspicuously inconspicuous

BetteAnti-Slip Sense_transparent.png

BetteUltra with T1 minimum support 

The shower area BetteUltra with T1 minimum support can be fitted very quickly and easily in just a few steps. The floor around the pop-up waste has to be cut. After that, the showerfloor with the tray support (which is fitted at the factory) is placed on the screed. The bathroom is then tiled and the shower sealed with silicone joints. At just 17 dB(A), the system offers a higher level of sound insulation to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100, sound protection level 3.

Bette Ultra T1 Minimmum Support- transparent.png


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