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British Innovators and a name to trust, Aqualisa has been at the forefront of shower design and technology since 1977. As the inventor of the revolutionary bi-metallic shower coil, Aqualisa have changed the face of showering over the past 40 years.


In 2001, they invented the first digital shower QuartzTM, offering precise and consistent temperature control, as well as intuitive features like one touch controls and ‘shower ready’ lighting. This commitment to innovation has cemented their reputation as pioneering, forward thinking shower engineers.


Today, Aqualisa pride themselves on being able to make showers an everyday pleasure for the whole family, committing to produce showers that deliver the perfect showering experience every time.

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Quartz Classic

  • Voice controlled smart showering using Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa - turn your shower on using your voice.

  • Interactive dashboard tracks and records water consumption, time and indicative costs.

  • Intuitive LED lights to indicate when selected temperature has been reached and the shower is ready for use

  • 5 years parts and labor guarantee when registered with Aqualisa.

A proven bestseller, Quartz Classic now takes its place at the heart of Aqualisa's  smart shower range as a connected shower and bath control. Unsurprisingly, the Quartz Collection takes its inspiration from what is, quite simply, the UK's most trusted and recognised name for innovative showering technology.

Quartz Blue

  • Controlled easily through the Aqualisa App, which includes access to a water consumption dashboard

  • Safe family showering using thermostatic shower controls - set a maximum water temperature during installation for enhanced safety benefits

  • Eco functionality saves up to 33% on water consumption

  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

Quartz Blue is our new introduction to the enjoyment of smart showering. Discover the ease and convenience with all the internet enabled settings and controls, including a remote. New generation showering has just become a reality.

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Quartz Touch

  • Create unique shower profiles for the whole family, including temperature selection, outlet and flow rate.

  • Unique proximity sensor reduces water flow when you step away from the motion controlled shower*

  • Full colour digital display for premium and user friendly shower control

  • 5 years parts and labour guarentee when registered with Aqualisa

  • *HP/Combi systems only

Even the most advanced smart control remains simple and intuitive with Quartz Touch, Aqualisa's most personal showering experience. A choice of pre-set shower programmes or individual shower and bath settings for the whole family, from anywhere, is modern showering personified

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Sleek and sophisticated, iSystem Smart Shower is the perfect partner for modern living, offering versatile showering options at the touch of a button. Simple to use and fuss free to fit, iSystem provides precise temperature control every time alongside a contemporary and stylish design that will prove timeless in any bathroom setting.

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Sleek, versatile, and delivering a sensational thermostatic shower experience, Dream Concealed Mixer emanated quality and style.


Featuring a luxurious concealed shower valve design, Dream offers flexible options with simple, double, and triple shower and bath outlets.

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Powerdul, invigorating, and practical for low pressure water - Aquastream power shower is the perfect choice for your family bathroom.

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