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Elisa is a NEW brand to Davroc and we love it!

Elisa have reinvented showering to deliver a personalised, smarter showering experience just for you. As an innovative new brand, Elisa are working towards a sustainable future, with technical excellence and meticulous engineering at the heart of everything they do. Their vision is to provide smart, user-friendly and sensory showering experiences for a new generation of home owners in an ever-changing world. Intelligently designed, our smart showers deliver a blend of simple technology, powerful performance, luxury styling and personalised features, to improve your wellbeing in a safer, smarter and more sustainable way.


With more than 40 years of expertise, knowledge and innovative thinking, from one of the UK’s most trusted bathroom brands – Elisa are helping to revolutionise the future of bathrooms. Reflecting a new way of living, our products are engineered for tomorrow, combining cutting-edge features with ease-of-use and future-proofed technology.


They are passionate that a sustainable lifestyle is about giving you not just the highest quality products that won’t end up in landfill, but giving you serviceable products that with care, will stand the test of time. Showing how you use water through their app, while helping you adapt your daily routines, can truly make a difference.

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