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who we are and how we work

For almost thirty years Davroc has selected and provided well-known quality brands for many of the leading UK bathroom retailers. During this time we have come to understand what makes a winner, a design classic and of course, the recipe for good manufacture.

Now the favoured room of interior stylists, the bathroom is being bombarded with an endless parade of mediocre, homogeneous product. We believe that like us, people will demand more, want to know the full story, understand the legitimacy of design and justify the existence of some of these products.

Over the past five years we have journeyed across Europe in search of manufacturers with vision and ambition, testing their commitment to design but more importantly their passion for quality and quality manufacture. Most did not meet our expectations or worse understand our mission. Some on the other hand were like long lost cousins, tearful at our interest, eager to discuss their aspirations long into the small hours.

It is for these talented people that we offer you our selection. Each product is unique, has its own story but more importantly, has been created with passion.

What follows are those products we fell in love with. We hope that you will share our enthusiasm for this selection, after all it is your opinion that will matter most!